AVOID WEBSITES THAT: (1) end in ".com;" they are commercial for-profit sites that hustle high-interest loans and want personal information either for identity theft or to spam you with offers that look legitimate; (2) want you to "register" before you can access the information you need - for the same reasons as listed above; (3) want a fee for free information.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Landing financial aid takes effort. Most applications must be submitted between November (previous year) and April (year you need it).  So, explore a few websites weekly.  Most aid is distributed annually: so apply every year on time. Google local and national websites for colleges, fast food chains, alumni and fraternal organizations, churches, social clubs, business groups, professional organizations, school systems, unions, sports teams, and foundations of athletes and entertainers.  Are you eligible for Social Security and/or Veterans' benefits? Google "Martin Luther King Scholarships."  Try for unpaid internships that "pay" in course credit and chances for employment.  Keep a log.

More information on Grants and Scholarships for African-American students can be found here.


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